Thank you for trusting me….

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Thank you for trusting me….

About six months ago, two of my good friends (Dan and M) announced they were having a baby, as well as extremely excited, I was surprised because I always thought they would get married first (they were engaged) and because I didn’t even know they were trying. Then, just two months ago, whilst having lunch with M, she said they were thinking of getting married before the due date but it was going to be a very intimate wedding. So, I thought I would offer to pop along and take a few photo’s of their big day, as the best gift I could give them was capturing their intimate moment through the eye of a close friend and a lens…….

[singlepic id=208 h=240]
[singlepic id=219 h=240]

[singlepic id=227 h=240]
[singlepic id=228 h=240]

[singlepic id=229 h=240]
[singlepic id=230 h=240]
[singlepic id=231 h=240]

[singlepic id=232 h=240]
[singlepic id=233 h=240]
[singlepic id=209 h=240]

[singlepic id=213]
[singlepic id=212]

[singlepic id=211]
[singlepic id=210]

[singlepic id=217]
[singlepic id=214]

The beautiful bride…..

[singlepic id=215]
[singlepic id=216]

The reception….

[singlepic id=220 h=240]
[singlepic id=218 h=240]

[singlepic id=221]

These two gorgeous pictures (modest I know!) were taken when I stole the new Mr & Mrs away from their family and took them to Clifton Suspension Bridge, which is where they got enagaged (I’m such a romantic), to relive a few of those precious moments….

[singlepic id=223]

[singlepic id=222]

So, to my very good friends and their lovely families, thank you for trusting me to capture your beautifully intimate wedding day.

And, to those of you who are getting married in the future and are considering me for your wedding photography, you will get me, my creative eye, my amazing second photographer and the finished product to print and show your families as you wish. So please give me a call, arrange to meet up for a coffee and a wedding chat (my favourite kind) and let me capture the start of the rest of your lives….

[singlepic id=226]
[singlepic id=224]
[singlepic id=225]

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