Portrait Photography: A bit of Gromit Unleashed

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Portrait Photography: A bit of Gromit Unleashed

So some of you may not class this as ‘portrait photography’, especially if you have to have living beings in the shots but I don’t! Portrait Photography to me is taking images of ‘things’ or ‘people’ at close quarters and what better way to practice your skills than to take photo’s of something fun, that doesn’t move!

I was a huge fan of the Gorilla’s two years ago, that raised money for the new gorilla enclosure at Bristol Zoo – which by the way is open now and looking amazing! So naturally when it was announced that the Gromits were coming to town, raising funds for The Grand Appeal, I was super excited. I love Wallace and Gromit – mum had to take us to the Wensleydale Creamery at Hawes when we were younger as we loved it so much!

So I was excited to go Gromit hunting with my husband this summer, until he decided he was going to cycle to them all with a friend in one day, raising money for The Grand Appeal. You can see how he got on, on his NotJustAGeek blog – I am a very proud wife, even if it did mean I only saw a few with him instead of them all. Instead I queued and went to see them with my lovely friend and her 2 year old son, when they descended on the old Habitat building in Clifton.

Was it worth the queuing? Oh yes, seeing them all together in that lovely open space was just brilliant! Am I going to share them with my lovely readers?

Go on then……

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