How I knew I had the photo-factor….

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How I knew I had the photo-factor….

So you can take good photo’s of friends and family to put in the family photo album or on Facebook, you think you are composing nice landscape ‘type’ images on holiday but does that make you a potential photographer? Well, if you love taking them, perhaps YES!

I have always loved taking photographs, right from my 10th birthday when I got my first film camera, I was itching to capture moments that no one else would think to capture. One of my first images being of my dad as he came home from work on said birthday. He hates having his picture taken so my idea was to shout “CHEESE!” as he came through the door, as you can see this was not his reaction! Suffice to say, he has now learnt to just tolerate the camera (well, what else can he do with a photographer as a daughter).

[singlepic id=248 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Since then, I have always had a camera and even tried to keep up with new technology – getting an Olympus APS camera followed but a little Olympus ‘point and click’ (as I now call them) digital camera, which I still take out on girly nights occasionally! Though, as with everything in life, my love of photography got put on the back burner, until I met my now husband (JP) who had a digital SLR camera that I stole from him on days out. This is when I realised my passion and flare for photography!

With practising and playing around with JP’s camera, listening to his lengthy (love you, dear!) explanations on the technicalities of how to use the camera and taking some of it in, I found friends were starting to compliment my photography. Then some good friends of ours had a baby (whom I have since taken ENDLESS pictures of) asked for electronic copies of some photos I took on an afternoon out with them. It was at this point I realised that I do indeed have the ‘photo-factor’!

[singlepic id=249 w=320 h=240 float=center]

So, for you, the readers, if you are thinking “Have I got what it takes?”, well the answer might indeed be ‘yes’. If you LOVE taking photos and your friends and family constantly compliment your images, then yes with hard work and good equipment you could be a pro. Though the next question you need to ask yourself is “Would being a pro take the fun out of what is, my hobbie?”

From the picture of my dad, to today’s portrait images – look how far I’ve come!

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